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Regal Fitness product line of Equipments caters to every need and includes a vast range of equipments for cardiovascular sports like Treadmills, Cycles, Elliptical, Cross Trainers and Strength Building Machines, etc, a range of commercial single-station, plate-loaded, and selector zed weight machines (designed specifically to target a single muscle group); multi-station machines designed for a variety of exercises that target all the major muscle groups; stationary bikes, recumbent bikes and the latest craze sweeping the world of fitness- group - stationary cycling, etc. A complete range of imported equipment is available through tie-ups with reputed names in the equipment world like Pulse of UK, Viva and Body Solid of USA, Life Sports, Shortstop of Taiwan and California Fitness.

Apart from providing a fabulous collection of world class equipments, Regal Fitness also provides quality services including consultancy, design, construction, installation, management and training, for setting up equipments, whether its for a private gym at home or at a commercial fitness & gym centre or health club, etc. The services are well-backed by service warranties and support.

Today, we take pride in not only providing world class equipments, but also providing reasonable fitness equipment prices and the option of buy Fitness Equipment online with us. Several clients including health clubs, resorts, hotels, colleges and universities, hospital-based wellness centers, etc, have made successful use of the same.

All Equipments from Regal are aesthetically pleasing equipments that can motivate a person to exercise and adhere to a fitness-centric resolution. They also blend more easily into any set-up. Quality is a trademark at Regal and only the highest quality products at the best possible Fitness Equipment prices are sold.

Whether you are looking for a world class Treadmill or Strength Building Machines, incorporating physical fitness into a daily routine can be a lifesaver with Regal Fitness world class Equipments.

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