346G Dual Multi-Pulley
New to Pulse’s strength range, the 346G Dual Multi-Pulley is an angled version of the 345G Crossover, providing a full range of weights to work with.
A great addition to the traditional strength equipment, the Dual Multi-Pulley will challenge even the most able of users.
Design Innovation Multi Position Durability User Appeal
IFI stage 2 (optional)
Upgrade the 346G Dual Multi-Pulley to the IFI stage 2 accredited model to give you a truly inclusive machine for users with mobility or sensory impairments.

Designed also to accommodate able-bodied users, the Pulse IFI range eliminates the need for duplicate machines or separate exercise areas. Click Here.
380G Lat Pulldown
Strength equipment is increasingly being incorporated into total body workouts for females as well as males. The Lat Pulldown is a particularly good piece of equipment for this.
The Lat Pulldown works using a neutral overhead pulley alignment to allow single axis motions in either the frontal or sagittal planes. A multi-grip pull bar allows users to customise their exercise to gain maximum benefit.
Gym Management Upholstery Choice Durability User Appeal
GS Option
Optional with all the Evolve strength range, operators can choose to enable each machine with Pulse’s gym management system 'SmartCentre'. Acknowledged as the next big step in the future of fitness, SmartCentre will see customers utilising SmartCard technology, and gym trainers communicating proactively, resulting in higher levels of retention.