385G Long Pull
For those users who prefer to use traditional strength equipment rather than simulated cardio equipment, the Long Pull is an ideal solution.
Simulating a rowing action, the 385G Long Pull effectively targets the shoulders and biceps. Designed to fit the widest group of users imaginable, this machine is especially versatile.
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IFI stage 2 (optional)
Optional with all the Evolve strength range, operators can choose to enable each machine with Pulse’s gym management system 'SmartCentre'. Acknowledged as the next big step in the future of fitness, SmartCentre will see customers utilising SmartCard technology, and gym trainers communicating proactively, resulting in higher levels of retention.
904G Four-Station
A truly unique machine combining two 342G Multi-Pulleys, a 380G Lat Pulldown and a 385G Long Pull providing a huge range of exercises for both highly experienced and novice users.
This equipment makes the most efficient use of space and is therefore ideal for small areas in gyms.
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