KH-2055 Commercial Elliptical Trainer

KH-2055 Commercial Elliptical Trainer


  • Front-drive and handle arms enable sustain, smooth & engaging exercise, regardless your fitness level
  • Large & impact-absorbing pedals provide gentle movement to reduce lower back stress
  • Self-powered system, low maintenance design & space-saving deliver a fast return of investment
  • Striding distance : 500 mm (20?)
  • Power : Generator
  • Resistance level : 16


  • Heart rate control programs provide user a challenging training
  • Multi readout summarizes workout result every minute, displays time used, distance covered, burned calories, watt and mets achieved.
  • Reliable sweat-proof construction keeps console in demanding commercial environment

Special Features

  • Offers 4 programs and upto 16 resistance levels to keep fitness routine effective and fresh
  • Large LEDís and intuitive keystroke permit easy to operate interface for change and monitor
  • Quick start key allows commencing exercise with a touch of a button
  • Display function is switchable for feedback of Level, Watt, Mets and Pulse
  • Maximum User Weight : 150 Kgs
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