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Popular cardiovascular exercise equipment, Treadmill facilitates walking or running while staying in the same place. It is ideal for burning excess calories or fat, improves balance and coordination and also lowers the risk of heart disease and increases bone density. Simple to use, it can be used at home as well as at gymnasium or any commercial setting like hotels or health clubs, and even while watching TV or listening to music while exercising.

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from the finest brands from Regal Fitness at reasonable Treadmill costs. Built tough and built to perform, they are made up of superior cushioning with support and the finest components. Treadmills from Regal available at reasonable

treadmill cost

, have all the requisite features and feel you are looking for in a treadmill for your home or any commercial setting.

Designed to be the best, for those who demand the best, the Treadmills available at decent Treadmill Costs are created for beginners as well as fitness aficionados for a workout within the comfort of their home. Regal also offers foldable treadmills that are super slim and ultra-modern that can be stored easily after exercise. They also come with wide space-saving design, that can be accommodated in any space inside your home.

Stylish without being extravagant, the Treadmills available at affordable Treadmill Costs and fabricated from steel plates offer superior durability, performance and comfort with unmatched strength and stability. Supplementing this world class straddle covers that offer for a more enduring workout. They are an ideal purchase for getting a treadmill workout at home without the high cost.

Get a smooth workout and adjust your workout intensity by choosing your choice of incline positions and set the process for burning out your calories. Every treadmill apart from a reasonable cost tag come with a comprehensive warranty, and an affordable after-sales maintenance and repair service.



  • Running area: 1300mm* 440mm
  • Total weight: n.w 88.5kgs g.w.: 100.5kgs
  • Auto incline: Yes 12%
  • Manual incline: NO
  • Motart continious duty: 1.7HP Dc motor
500r with mp3 player
  • Running area: 1140mm* 400mm
  • Total weight: n.w : 55.2kgs , G.w: 63.2kgs
  • Auto incline: NO
  • Manual incline: 2 levels manual incline
  • Motart continious duty: 1.25HP Dc motor
CF 300 i

CF 300 I

  • 1.5HP DC Motor
  • Powerful DC Motor
  • 5 window LCD display. Time/speed/calorie/distance//hand pulse/incline
  • Electric mcline:0-12%
  • Speed range :0.8-16km/hr
  • 5 pre-set program:p1-p5
  • Running belt: comfortable & durable size: 1200 mmx 400mm
  • Soft cushion deck
  • User weight limit: 110kg(240 Ibs)


with mp3 player

  • Running area: 1340mm* 470mm
  • Total weight: n.w: 89.5 kgs, g.w: 105 kgs
  • Auto incline: Yes 12%
  • Manual incline: NO
  • Motart continious duty: 2HP DC motor