211F-I Upper Body Ergometer
The Fluid Upper Body Ergometer is an extremely high quality UBE that has found much popularity in both health club and residential settings all over the world. It's heavy duty construction of high quality materials puts the Fluid Upper Body Ergometer at the top of the UBE quality rankings.
The Fluid Upper Body Ergometer is simple to understand, extremely comfortable to use, great to look at, fabulous to listen to and boasts unmatched durability and value.
Our design engineers were asked to create an Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) that would allow for seated and standing use, while providing full wheelchair access. With our rotating crank arm and removable seat, the Fluid UBE offers the greatest variation of application. They combined this with our patented Fluid Technology, providing for both extremes of resistance as well as forward and reverse direction. We believe this combination of unique features make the First Degree Fitness Fluid UBE the ideal choice.
Rotating crank arm Workout Computer Self-levelling hand grips Unmatched durability
251F Fluid Recumbent Cycle
Finally there is an exercise apparatus that effectively engages almost every muscles in the human body. With its unique combination of Recumbent Cycle with seated and standing Upper Body Ergometer, the 251F Fluid Recumbent Cycle an isolate and work virtually every muscle and joint, in both forward and reverse direction.
Best of all, the 251F Fluid Recumbent Cycle changes exercise function in seconds, with instant rotation of the counter-balanced crank arm. WIth its variable resistance Fluid Technology, multi-function application and ease of adjustment, the 251F Fluid Recumbent Cycle is the ideal total body conditioner.
The first total body conditioner that works the entire body while allowing for isolation of core muscle groups. Its variable resistance changes at the flick of a lever, offering 20 levels from 'feather light to 'olympic sprint'. The 360 degree rotating crank arm is adjustable in 5 degree increments to suit users of any size. It can be rotated to the front of the machine for wheelchair access.
Rotating crank arm Upholstery Choice Dual function pedal/grip Unmatched durability