291F Fluid Rower
The Pulse Fitness S500 Fluid Rower Rowing Machine is the first and only indoor rowing machine to offer twenty levels of resistance and dozens of other advanced features. This is an indoor rower ahead of its time. Pulse's unique Fluid resistance system will become an important part in helping you improve your cardio-vascular fitness and endurance. Is this the best Rowing Machine for you? Consult our Rowing Machine Overview for help.
Rowing is a passion for many people, it's a sport that excites, invigorates and involves them for a large part of their lives. Nothing offers the same feel as 'on water' rowing, the natural experience of man against the elements - UNTIL NOW!
Comfortable Seat Workout Computer Non-slip footboard Unmatched durability
211F Fluid Upper Body Ergometer
The Fluid Upper Body Ergometer is an extremely high quality UBE that has found much popularity in both health club and residential settings all over the world. It's heavy duty construction of high quality materials puts the Fluid Upper Body Ergometer at the top of the UBE quality rankings.
The Fluid Upper Body Ergometer is simple to understand, extremely comfortable to use, great to look at, fabulous to listen to and boasts unmatched durability and value.
Our design engineers were asked to create an Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) that would allow for seated and standing use, while providing full wheelchair access. With our rotating crank arm and removable seat, the Fluid UBE offers the greatest variation of application. They combined this with our patented Fluid Technology, providing for both extremes of resistance as well as forward and reverse direction. We believe this combination of unique features make the First Degree Fitness Fluid UBE the ideal choice.
Rotating crank arm Upholstery Choice Self-levelling hand grips Unmatched durability