Commercial Equipment

Looking for the Best Possible Fitness Equipments to train your Body & keep it in shape? Something that increases performance and help make exercise more productive and efficient.

Regal Fitness has the best of Fitness Equipments from

Commercial Equipments

to Health Club Equipment & Solid Fitness Equipment that lets you train the way you move. Each are a state of the art equipment for health and fitness training.

For top quality Commercial Equipment, Regal Fitness offers the best range from the best of leading manufacturers, including Pro Treadmill with built-in fans, distinctively designed upright and recumbent stationary bikes, elliptical trainers that facilitate a natural stride, Strength Equipments & Exclusive bikes. Supporting them is extensive range of commercial dumbbells ranging from 5lbs to 125 lbs, Plates ranging from 2.5 lbs up to 45 lbs and racks, Olympic bars and barbells, and weight lifting platforms, etc.

Health Club Equipment Those of whom are health freaks or are running Health Clubs, Regal Fitness offers a wide array of

Health Club Equipments

including Resistance Weights Machines, Cardiovascular Fitness Machines, Vibration Power Plate, Free Weights Machines, Strength Equipments like Shoulder Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Abdominal Sit Up Benches, etc, all of which represent the most advanced and user-friendly fitness equipment technology today.

Body Solid Fitness Maintaining a solid body is a dream that every fitness freak carves for. Regal Fitness collection of world class Body-Solid Fitness Equipments like power racks, benches, single stations, etc offer true value for money. Synonymous with good quality, they are simple and comfortable to use. Using advanced technology, they match the body's natural muscular movement. End result is that you get a safer, more effective exercise.

Body Solid Fitness

equipments are used by a wide range of people from mainstream exerciser to elite athletes, and even disabled

Engineered with precision and cutting-edge features, fitness equipments from Regal caters to every buyer and provide for the most comfortable workouts with years of excellent usage. Our installation crew are on hand to professionally deliver and install the fitness equipment and ensure that the new equipment is in perfect working order while providing on-site training on the correct use of the equipment.

Other Equipment

No matter which fitness equipment you are thinking of buying, whether its Commercial Equipments OR Health Club Equipments OR Body Solid Fitness or Home Gym equipments you’ll find at Regal Fitness, the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology, superb craftsmanship and quality materials. And you can feel assured that Regal's tradition of excellence will ensure that the products you purchase are designed for a lifetime of use.

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